Company Finder

Access data on 15M+ B2B companies segmented by country, industry and size

This tool allows you to have unlimited access to our huge B2B company database (over 15 million companies).
You can search companies per country, industry, and number of employees. Very easy to use, you will build B2B company lists in a matter of seconds.

How it works step by step

  • Select filters for your research

    Choose the country, the industry, and the size of the companies you are looking for.

  • Prepare download and download file

    Download preparation might takes a few seconds or a few minutes according to the results you get. Once done, you can download results (format CSV, XLS, or XLSX).

Company Finder screenshots

lead generation tool B2B company finder

What does it look like?

This tool is very easy to use : select 3 filters (country, industry and size) and download the results (format CSV, XLS, or XLSX).

What results do I get?

Here you can see the results from the above research.