Contact Extractor

Find generic emails, phone & social media URLs from a list of websites

With this tool users can upload domain lists and extract email, phone numbers, social media URL and username (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) on all pages of each website. After extracting all emails, results can be downloaded (as Excel or CSV). This is the best solution to extract all emails from a website (company) list.

However, this tool will only extract the generic emails such as “contact@” or “sales@” and the phone numbers available on the home page and the contact page. If you need to extract more specific B2B contacts check the other Allforleads features (such as Email Finder or B2B Social Media Robots).

How it works step by step

  • Create and name a list of domains

    You can create it yourself or you can use other Allforleads tool like Company Finder, Leads By Company, or Convert Company To Domain..

  • Upload your list

    Just click and let the software works for you. Once it's done you will see your finished list below.

  • Download your contact list or transfer it to email campaigns

    Once you have your list you can either export it on your computer (you can choose between CSV, XLS, or XLSX), or you can transfer it directly into your Allforleads Email Automation tool to start your campaign.

Contact Extractor screenshots

What does it look like?

What results do I get?

Here you can see the results from the above research.