Allforleads Tutorial

How to use Allforleads

This tutorial made of screenshots and videos will show you how to use our lead generation and email automation tools.
We will focus on 4 of our most used tools.

  1. Database (Company Finder & Email Finder)
  2. Local Business Finder
  3. LinkedIn Robots (auto-connect and email scraper)
  4. Email Automation tool

Where are those tools ? : 

lead generation tools location

More complete tutorials are available when you click on any tool of our platform. Just click on the “view all tutorials” button in the tool you need to use. You can also ask your questions to our support through the live chat.

Lead generation tools tutorials

1. The Database

Our database is made of 2 tools, which should be used together for optimal results: Company Finder (to find B2B companies) and Email Finder (to find people working in B2B companies).

Find B2B companies (Company Finder):

This tool allows you to find B2B companies by selecting 3 filters :
Country – Industry – Company size 

Allforleads will search in the database and tell you how many companies it found matching your filters.
Then you can download the results in an excel file.

lead generation tool company finder

What data will you get ? : 

lead generation company finder results

Find B2B contacts (Email Finder):

This tool searches our database for people working in B2B companies.

To target companies, simply enter their domain names and start the search.

It is possible to add other filters and to target only certain positions (CEO, Managers, Decision makers)

What data will you get ? :  

  • First name & last name
  • Business email 
  • Job title
  • LinkedIn URL 
  • Location 
  • Company etc.

Combine both tools (Company Finder + Email Finder):

The best way to use our database is to combine these 2 tools:

  1. Search for companies with the Company Finder tool and download the excel file
  2. Copy the obtained domain names, and paste them into the Email Finder tool to find email addresses of people working in these companies.

2. Google Map Data Extractor

Find and extract information from any local business on Google My Business (or Google Map) anywhere in the world . 

Restaurants, clinics/doctors, gyms, shops, dentists, lawyers etc.

What data will you get ? : 

  • Phone numbers
  • Website URL
  • Facebook page
  • Email address
  • Physical address and more

    3. LinkedIn extract emails

    Collect emails from B2B social media. When scraping, Allforleads automatically fills in missing email addresses with those in its database if it is the same person.

    4. Email automation

    Once you have your email lists (cleaned), it is time to start your email campaigns.
    Find more details about this tool in our blog article “How to automate your email campaigns“. 

    Configuration :

    • Connect an email address in order to send emails (you can ask for help from the support live chat)
    • Create your personalised email template (or use ours)


    1. Import a contact list 

    email automation tool import B2B contacts

    2. Select the information you want to personalise your email :

    email automation personalisation

    3. Create an email campaign :

    email automation start campaigns

    4. Manage the campaign : Statistics – CRM – Recipients

    manage email automation campaigns

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