Daily Domain Data

Access around +100K leads of new domains created each day

It is a dump of all domains created on the Internet every day, which means all new companies. You will get about 100,000 potential customers from new domain names every day, including location, phone number, email, domain name, registration date, etc. It is an ideal choice to capture new companies created on the Internet and get new leads from them through sales SEO, marketing services, WordPress sites, development or content creation, etc. You can use the business data to export leads to Excel or directly to your email campaign tool.

What does it look like ? :

  • Create and name a list of companies or domains

    You can create it yourself or you can use our Allforleads Company Finder tool.

  • Filter your query

    Choose the maximum of contacts per companies you want to extract and make your own job titles selection (CEO; CMO etc.)

  • Upload your list

    Just click and let the software works for you. Once it's done you will see your finished list below.

  • Download your contact list or transfer it to email campaigns

    Once you have your list you can either export it on your computer (you can choose between CSV, XLS, or XLSX), or you can transfer it directly into your Allforleads Email Automation tool to start your campaign.

Easy to use

An indication of all the data you can collect with this tool.

+100k leads available every day in just one click

Download your daily leads (select format ZIP / CSV / XLSX / XLS) or transfert data directly to your campaigns.

What data do I get ?

This is all the data you could collect on a daily basis with just one click.