Email Verify

Check email validity to control who register with your service

In email marketing, email validation is a very important step after you built your list of leads and before you start your email campaigns.
Email Validator will check email validity by pinging the mail server and tell if the email address is “true” or “false”. 
This tool is also useful to prevent fake email registration on your service. 

Every time someone registers with your service, this tool will ping the API to verify if the email is correct and not a one-time email used to prevent fake registrations. This tool will help you to have a clean and verified email lists for your inbound marketing campaigns

Main points :

  • Keep email lists fresh and updated

    Given that over 20% email adresses become invalid every year (because people change companies) you should verify your email lists regularly.

  • Reduce bounce rate

    High bounce rates are usually indicative of spammers. When your bounce rate grows, your sender reputation falls. Past a certain threshold, your account gets blacklisted.

  • Improve email deliverability

    Once the email address is validated, you are sure its capable of receiving emails, which means your message will find the inbox. Your email deliverability stays high, which helps save on email sending and preserves email sender reputation.

  • Keep sender reputation high

    Verify email address will help you maintain a high sender reputation, among other things such as bounce rate, deliverability, spam reports and sender habits. This why you should warm up new email accounts with our warm up email feature.

Email Verify screenshot :

B2B LEAD GENERATION TOOLS email verification

What does it look like?