Leads By Company

Find B2B contact details from first name, last name and company name.

Enter the following information: first name, last name and company name (or domain). You can do a single research manually or you can upload a CSV containing the needed information.
Once you uploaded the data, the tool will try to find the email of each contact from the email format (e.g. first.last@company.com) and give a result with an accuracy scoring. This tool is very suitable to discover emails from business data lists.

How it works step by step

  • Find emails from a CSV (first name, last name)

  • Find a single contact manually

  • Start data extraction

    Download your contact list or transfer it to email campaigns : Once you have your list you can either export it on your computer (CSV, XLS, or XLSX format), or you can transfer it directly into your Allforleads Email Automation tool to start your campaign.

Demonstration video (coming soon)