Local Business Finder

Find B2C local businesses on Google and extract data automatically

Searching for B2C local business data ? This tool will scrap Google and extract data from any kind of local business research. Find location, email address, reviews, ratings, website & phone number from a 500M+ local businesses database. Rapidly build lists of B2C leads using unlimited research. 

How does it work ?

  • Create a list

    Create and name a list of B2C local businesses you are interested in (otherwise saved leads will go in the "default" folder).

  • Filter your query

    2 simple filters : select what B2C local businesses you are looking for and select location. You can also choose how you want to sort your research (by relevance, date, ratings etc.)

  • Start scraping

    Start you research and save your leads manually or automatically in one of the list you created.

  • Start data extraction

    Download your contact list or transfer it to email campaigns : Once you have your list you can either export it on your computer (CSV, XLS, or XLSX format), or transfer it directly into your Allforleads Email Automation tool to start your campaign.

Demonstration video