Review Management

Get more online comments & reviews

Install a simple widget to add comments and push visitors to comment about your business. For any business or local business, adding customer reviews will improve your SEO ranking and your reputation. It can be used with Google, Yelp and Facebook comments. By attracting visitors to the comment page, this technology helps increase genuine comments.

How does it work ? :

  • Unlimited websites installation

    You can install this widget on several websites and configure each or them specifically.

  • Increase reviews on Google / Facebook / Trip advisor

    You can push your visitor to leave a review on any of these platforms.

  • Configure multiple messages for your visitors

    Set up easily several messages to invite your visitors to leave a review about your business.

  • Improve your google ranking and your reputation

    Having (good) reviews will impact positively your SEO and your reputation and attract new clients.

Easy to configure