Social Proof Notification

The social proof notification widget

This tool can improve the reputation on your website. Install a simple widget to display random messages you created to visitors, and generate notifications on the website. This will increase your sales and reputation and make visitors feel confortable about your offer.

How does it work ? :

  • Increase conversions by displaying notifications

    Display smart notifications on your website to make your visitors see that there is a social engagement on your website.

  • Get more engagement and signups

    By showing this kind of notifications to your visitors you will boost your engagement by 40%.

  • Drive traffic, generate more leads and check scoring

    While showing a notification redirect them to a specific page link to generate leads and check scoring of each message/link displayed.

  • Random pictures names and locations

    To be more realistic this tool will show random face pictures, names and locations so you can only focus on the displayed messages.

Screenshots :

B2B LEAD GENERATION TOOLS social notification message

Simple alert configuration

B2B LEAD GENERATION TOOLS social notification

Easy message configuration

What diplayed messages look like