B2B Social Media Robots

Auto-connect and extract data from B2B social media to build targeted contact lists

This is one of our most popular tools. It’s made of two robots (Chrome extension) :

  • one allows you to extract emails and other contact information from your research
  • the other allows you to auto-connect and/or auto-visit with/without a personalized message 

It’s on you to decide either if you prefer to connect with your leads by cold email or directly on the social media using our shortcut message feature. This shortcut feature allows you to write your messages in advance and select a keyboard shortcut for each of them. No more copy paste.

This tool becomes even more powerful when used with Sales Navigator as you can target people more accurately.

How it works step by step

  • Install the Google Chrome extension

    Simply follow the instructions to download and install the extension on your navigator. Once it's done you should be able to see the tools down your screen when you are on the B2B social media.

  • Do your research

    Select filters you need. If you want to scrap the results you need to create and name a list in your Allforleads dashboard first. Tips to scrape : As you will only get 100 result pages max, you should target your research as much as you can in order to avoid having over 2k results (as the rest of the results won't be usable). Tips to auto-connect : use our personalized shortcut message feature.

  • Let it work

    The best part : watching AI works for you! According to the results you get, it might take some time to process.

  • Use extracted data

    Now you can either export extracted data on your computer (CSV, XLS, or XLSX), or you can transfer it directly into your Allforleads Email Automation tool to start your campaign.

Demonstration video

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